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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 25, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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syria to complete their investigation. last week the nerve agent sarin was confirmed to be used in the attack. they have not been asked to figure out who fired the accident. syria claims rebel forces used the weapons against civilians. if you're waiting for a background check for your gun purchase, the state police will waive the handgun licensing fees for you. the new gun control laws take effect tuesday, october 1. and state police say due to a large backlog of background applications, they will not charge the licensing fees to those who have already applied. they have also increased the number of dead entry workers to deal with the backlog. a young man is dead after a shooting in a small town in rtheast cecil county. and this morning police are still looking for those responsible. and a number of people broke into 19-year-old ken ry curry's apartment. there was a struggle. and curry was shot. more than 200 people gathered last night for a vigil and they don't understand why the robbers would target curry's
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home. >> he had a tv. a ps3. that's about it. if someone is going to kill him over that, that is not right. >> the sheriff's office says shortly after they found occur are ry at his apartment, they learned of another person being treated for a gunshot wound in elkton, that person also was inside curry's apartment. and investigators will not say if one of the suspects or someone else. still no word on what may have caused a deadly crash in north baltimore. this happened along the parkway north road late monday night. a honda and jeep collided. police were following the honda after what they called suspicious activity near harford road and 25th. both people in that honda died. they are identified as terrell johns and terrell young. the passenger in the jeep died and the passenger was rushed to the hospital. they have yet to be identified. a family is sitting in their living room when all of a sudden bullets are flying in their home. police are on the hunt for the man they believe fired the shots. five people were in the house
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including three children. an 18-month-old girl was hurt when the window shattered causing glass to fly everywhere. witnesses say they saw a man running down the street with a long rifle after the shooting and sped away in a car. new for you this morning, a state senator is proposing a bill to increase the maximum penalty for hit-and-run drivers. the legislation comes after the death of a man who was hit in pasadena back in april. yesterday would have been his 16th birthday. the bill is being brought to the senator's desk. and it would require drivers ed classes to teach about the penalties of fleeing an accident. the first look at the horseshoe casino coming up in baltimore. a look at the outside. the progress being made so far. and the new casino sits along russell street just south of m&t bank bank stadium. developers are hoping to open it by next year and once it is complete will be the second largest casino in maryland, complete with restaurants, bars and a world series poker room.
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now, not a lot going on out there this morning. nice and quiet. areas of patchy fog. north and west of the city as of now. most of the clouds staying to the south as of now. but as we go through the afternoon, we could see more clouds moving into the picture. plenty of sunshine to be had. as we work our way throughout the day. the temperatures this morning, due to that clear sky, once again, we are on the chilly side and plenty of low 40s, from cockeysville to woodbine and frederick right now and 45 degrees in ellicott city and 50 in elkton and good morning, perry hall at 52 degrees. as you step out and about, you have to make sure you grab the jacket once again. we look at the planner for today, and we will start out with the chilly side at 6:00 this morning, as we go into the 9:00 time frame, we will be at 56 degrees. we will call it cold and by this afternoon, still dry with a few more clouds in the forecast with that temperature coming in at 67. we do have a player that is going to be moving into the forecast. i will tell you when that arrives coming up. >> news time right now, 4:38. the orioles have been
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officially eliminated from the playoff race. they fell to chicago last night in extra innings. 3-2 the final score. the birds are now riding a six game losing streak which ties the season high. they have five games remaining and must win one of the games if they want a winning season. good news for the manny machado injury front, the orioles say it is not as serious as first feared and should be ready for the spring training in 2014. the mri on the left knee revealed that he tore a small ligament, not a major one. the recovery willard be six to eight weeks and he will still get a second opinion to decide if he needs surgery. the orioles say machado suffered a similar injury to the same kneecap two years ago playing in the minor leagues. the rules of health care are changing. in less than a week, and abc 2 is working for you this morning breaking down how the changes affect small business owners. those details when good morning maryland continues. lauren, what is going on with the roads? >> not much on 97.
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nice and clear south of the beltway. i will show you what the other main lines look like. and i will bring you the latest drive times coming up on good morning maryland.
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in less than a week, we will start shopping around for your health coverage part of the insurance exchange program, and the affordable care act. this morning abc 2 news reporter amy odair looks how the changes are affecting local businesses and what you can expect. >> reporter: daniel wily opened
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the doors at 16 tons three years ago. for the past decade he has been operating with no insurance. >> you get older and everything is just like you, you have to go to the doctor. >> and rising costs of health care are out of his family's budget. >> it is not really something we can do. hopefully this will all sort of develop in a system in this country where everybody can have health care. >> just down the road, imperial's owner says the changes will not only help his staff but thousands of uninsured marylanders. >> we have to come up with a formula. how someone who makes $20,000 a year, how can that person afford that insurance? and should that person get it for free? >> for people like wily, next tuesday kicks off the ability to afford coverage. >> this is a really smart idea for all of us, that everyone
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who is eligible for health care coverage gets it, because when they're covered, we are better off because the hidden health care tax that is covers insurance and hospitalization is no longer there. >> it will affect hundreds of thousands of people across the board. in baltimore, amy obair, abc 2 news. >> urging anyone who is uninsured or underinsured to contact the maryland health connection and you can find information on our web site, at abc 2 news .com. name now for a check of the forecast with linet. >> another quiet day on tap. so big story, the temperatures this morning, and even as we go through the afternoon. and we are chilly in some spots once again. what is going on in westminster. 43 degrees. these temperatures below once again. we should be at 54 for this time of the year for the low temperatures. and it is 48 degrees in perry hall. and pasadena coming in at 55 degrees right now. shady side and also denton at a. and 45 degrees here. as we look at the satellite and
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radar, a look at the mid-levels and upper levels of the atmosphere, not a whole lot. we see the clouds streaming in. and continue to do so throughout the day and still we get sunshine. and not as much sunshine as we had yesterday though. as we look back off towards the west and the uth and the showers and the thunderstorms lurking around the tennessee valley this morning. to the south, yes, there is a storm that is going to be lurking around that area, around florida, and this will begin to revise and give us energy coming up the coast, as we head toward the beginning of next week, so that is what our weather will really begin to change. and high pressure is in control for the most part once again and this is a better picture of what i was just talking about. abc 2 most accurate future trend goes in motion. the showers and the storms to the south of us for today. and this will begin to go off the coast, and head up the coast. so with that we will have more cloud cover and also more rain in the forecast for monday and tuesday of next week. and in the meantime, this is what we're working with for today, by lunchtime, that temperature coming in at 67 degrees. and we want to see a wonderful photo picture.
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tweet us at abc 2 weather. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. >> well, we are looking good so far this morning. high speeds across the region, in howard county, here is what interstate 70 looks like. eastbound lanes clocking in at 65 miles an hour. here at columbia pike. and making for an easy ride across 695. and 95 looking good. a live look north of 195 and no problems getting down to dc this morning and northbound travel will be clear from route 100 up to the beltway, you are looking at a six minute ride and 695 in great shape this morning. on the outer loop right now, looking at an 11 minute right from 795 down to 95. and that outer loop, that is going to remain clear on the east side of the beltway, with an 11 minute ride from 95 all the way up to 83. well, any parent who has snuggled a newborn knows about the newborn baby smell. but it appears that scent does more than make you smile and plays a role in the bonding experience between mother and
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child. and when new moms smelled the scent of a newborn, the pleasure center of the brains lit up compared to when they smelled something like an air scent or a fresh air freshener. and scientists did not test to see if those effects, if it is the same effects on dads. and speaking newborns, when you're expecting you can expect plenty of advice but what should you list ton? the nurses express the importance of taking care of yourself before giving birth and drinking lots of water and proper vaccinations. coming up in this next season comes the flu season so we recommend that they get the flu vaccine. we offer it at the hospital if they don't have it yet. >> they also suggest turning to your nurse for advice on breast feeding and installing a car seat. and taking care of yourself after giving birth. they are looking at a group photo of every baby born in the hospital and they are inviting
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you to come down to the hospital this saturday, or you can e-mail pictures to wmar .com. we have a few more days left to collect canned goods for the canned foods for kids food drive. we are partnering to help feed local families in need. find lists of dropoff locations and where you can take part on abc 2 news .com. and spending $100 for a bottle vino? brace yourself. when you hear how much one company wants for a very, very special batch of wine. it is so expensive, it doesn't even come in a bottle. as we go to break this morning, a live look at baltimore's inner harbor, a beautiful start to this wednesday. nice crisp feel in the air. how long will that hang around? and what is in store, and we have the forecast when we continue in a moment.
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incredible images from the new jersey board walk earlier this month after the fire. the one on the left is 2011 and the one immediately after the fire is on the right. the businesses destroyed had just rebuilt after center storm sandy. authorities say the electric wiring problem is likely the cause of the fire. happening right now, a brush fire burning near the intern national forest in california, it has san bernardino national forest in california. it is threatening dozens of mobile homes and one community
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has been ordered to evacuate. it is not yet clear if people will be allowed back in their homes. we will take a look at this coming out of china. this video, a dust storm, sweeping across the country. seriously hampering the area. the temperature dropped several degrees in a short amount of time. visibility in down to zero in some spots. people were told to stay indoors and wear masks if this he had to go out. the prediction is in. and they are calling for it. a warm fall. the weather predicting crowd walked the plank at the inner harbor. this is the second year for the forecasting. our meteorologists are not exactly on board with what baltimore bill has to say. lynette, the floor is yours. >> i think the temperatures will be below average. that's what the long term forecast is holding and i hope
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he didn't put me out of a job and see if he is right. >> you heard me say all week long and last week that we need the rain. we got that over the weekend. but we definitely need some more rain. that is not going to happen for today. also, mainly good visibility but there is one area around frederick this morning with low visibility. reduced visible. definitely headed toward frederick put on the low beams and give yourself enough me this morning. as the kids head out to the school bus, it will be chilly. they will need the jacket. a degrees. and by this afternoon, nice and mild. 75. so we will call it seasonable into the afternoon and we will have a few more clouds out there and partly cloudy by tonight and 50 again and with that late patchy fog so we will start the morning off again with patchy fog across the area. and it will be 77 degrees by tomorrow. and still dry with some sunshine. and it will be warmer, and a check of the seven-day forecast, and look at plenty of sunshine, still continuing until the beginning of next week where we could see a orm offshore. let's get a check of the traffic. >> and fog out in frederick, again, take it slow, and use
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the low beams if necessary. and closer to baltimore though, high speeds across the region, and nothing to get in your way, in hunt valley right now, and 83 at swan road and looking good. and 65 miles an hour along the southbound lanes and very easy ride as you make the ride down to 695. and then in harford county, here is what 95 looks like at route 24. nice and clear to white marsh. and from the harbor tunnel throughway down to the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza, looking at a 6 minute ride. and 695 going to remain green. looking at a drive time of 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 95 up to 83. and the outer loop will be clear on the west side. and the inner loop also in great shape this morning. you're looking at a typical ride of 8 minutes from 795 up to 83. that is your time saver traffic. college students now facing serious charges for allegedly stealing a truck and kidnapping a woman and hitting a number of cars along the way. it sounded like something like you might see in the video game grand theft auto and that's what the student told police he
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was trying to recreate. it happened in baton rouge, louisiana. where young man stole the truck with a woman inside. she managed to get out. and they say the teen hit nine cars and one gate in a one mile span before police caught up with him. and according to police, he was fascinated by the game grand theft auto and wanted to try it out for himself. if you think $20 for a bottle of wine is about normal we have something to show you. this may not be for you. you got to see. this now, wine maker in miami has created a bottle worth $168,000. $168,000. technically it is not in a bottle. it is in a sealed glass ampule which the wine maker says will help preserve the quality of the wine. there is no cork since there is no opening in the glass. and someone will be sent to open the ampule when someone wants to take a swig of the wine. >> we will travel anywhere in
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the world, to the top of everrest, kilimanjaro, who knows, to open the ampule. >> if you're paying for the experience, lauren, lynette, do you even want it now? >> no. >> thank you. >> that wine in the casing, it is on display in an event in miami and it could be yours for $168,000. >> that is a lot of money. kermit the frog at the smithsonian national museum of american history. yeah. the muppet or the puppet rather, is newly donated to the museum by the henson family to add to the current jim henson collection. if you have not seen this, do it. it is very cool. the museum says it will be put on display in march of next year. well, you never know what you might find washed up on a beach. what beach goers found on shore requiring federal authorities to bring it in.
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>> and signed and sealed and delivered. and ray charles' honor this morning and what the fans can hold on to forever, straight ahead as good morning maryland continues.
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after a knee injury in 2009 ended his racing career veterinarians only gave the horse metro meteor two years to live. so his owners thought, well, teach him how to paint. four years later, metro is still going strong.
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at his home in rocky ridge maryland. his work is sold online and a gallery in gettysburg. half of the proceeds goes to finding homes for retired racehorses. >> we have a waiting list of over 80 people who are so interested in the art because they love the story. >> not only is metro's paint cag rear up -- painting career up and running but he is tor. experimental drugs are being given him to treat his average and letting him run and take owners for a ride. time time now to start the 5:00 hour. sometime ago, i tweeted a speech that ashton kutcher gave. >> eight white castle restaurants. i like their burgers. >> what senator ted cruise is hoping to accomplish talking all night long on a variety of topics. a chilly start to the
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morning. a light jacket for a coat? lynette has a check of the forecast for you on this wednesday morning. good morning maryland. i'm charley krauseen. let's get over to lynette for a check of the forecast. because as the day started tuesday, pretty similar to what we're seeing right now. >> exactly right, charley. we have the clear skies out there and that's why temperatures are so chilly once again. but we will start to see a few more clouds moving in throughout the day. plenty of sunshine to be had but not as much sunshine as we saw yesterday. and the temperatures coming in around adegrees and you hear me talk about the clouds this morning, patchy fog across that area and the dew point is the same and the humidity at about 100% right now and the winds will pick up today out of the northeast at 5-10 miles an hour and our own temperature is at 50 degrees right now. and dry air in place. as we look at monrovia at 46 degrees. chillier here this morning. a jacket as you step out and about with the dew point coming in around 45 degrees. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, well, we are nice and dry. we have all of the sweeps going
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in the skies but not a lot in the scan lately. things will change in the forecast. especially the next seven days, but in the meantime, you will not need the umbrella for today at all. keep the sun shades around once again. and if are you going to be doing that boot camp today, a great day to do it outdoors, although we start to see increasing cloud cover throughout the day it is still going to remain dry. and by lunchtime, that temperature at 67 degrees, and the high temperature today, coming in right around 75 and call it mild, but seasonable. a check of the traffic now with lauren. if you are traveling in frederick this morning, a lot of fog to get in your way, and you might want to use the low beams and as we check in and take a look at baltimore county, and 795 is absolutely nothing to get in your way, from owings mills boulevard all the way to the beltway. nice calm ride. and 695, also looking good. that northwest corner here in pikesville at green spring avenue and the inner loop is clear all the way up to 83 and the outer loop, normal drive time of just 11 minutes to get from 795 town to 95.
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and heading downtown, the jfx is going to be looking good. 55 miles an hour southbound to 695. and just a typical 11 minute ride from here. all the way downtown to east fayette street that is your time saver traffic. how much will health care premium goes up with the new health care law? kathleen sebelius will give us a look at it today. this is senator ted cruise in washington, speaking on the senate floor, he has been going since just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. and he has talked about a variety of topics including the full funding of the federal government as part of a house bill that was passed last week, but itcontains a caveat, to defund the health care reform act, better known as obama care. he has been going strong with the help of a few of his republican counterparts, namely mike lee, the senator from utah. they are on the floor right now, to basically an empty senate room and they are talking about a variety of
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topics. that's mike lee's father former u.s. solicitoron and ted cruise's father who was a cuban immigrant. they have been talking about things on a range of topics. dr. seuss books and white castle and a speech given by ashton kutcher encouraging young college grads to get a job. but a lot of people though are talking about dr. seuss. listen. >> do you like grown eggs and ham? -- green eggs and ham? i do not like them, sam i am. i do not like green eggs and ham. >> part of the context behind why he was reading dr. seuss is that senator cruise was reading his daughter's bedtime stories, they were watching back in texas and he read his kids a story, and read them dr. seuss. the house did pass a version that would defund obama care last week. the senate will likely not pass that same version. the vote is set for today at noon. but senator ted cruise speaks on. today is the rs


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